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When we were kids I bet you knew someone whose dad had built them a tree house in their back yard. My friend had a rambling bungalow high up in an oak tree. We’d scamper up the tree and just disappear for hours. Fun times.

Question is: how would an architect design a tree house today? In my tree house I’d go for a modern design great room, with long vertical window holes and some built-in seating along the walls. I’d paint the inside with bold primary colors. The tree trunk would have to go through the center of the house, so the house would be round. I’d add a  skylight around the trunk. Water could come in, but basically drip down the bark. There would be a great view and of course, a big rope swing. We wouldn’t put in electricity – it needs to be a bit rustic, but maybe some nice battery powered LED lighting. And last but not least a battery-powered cooler for some beverages and snacks.

Okay, so the point really is that an architect has to stay creative and innovative. I may never really design a tree house, but I do design all types of home remodels, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms. And I approach my design work as freshly and creatively as I can. I’m also a problem solver.  After all, what I conjure up in my mind becomes physically represented in the physical world. So that initial dreaming makes for a good design.

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