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Longspur Family Room 01So you’ve decided to hire an architect to remodel your 35 year-old residence. If you have a typical 2,500+ square foot home from that vintage then I bet you have at least 3 bedrooms. And many remodels take into consideration downsizing after children leave. So the question is – what to do with those extra bedrooms?

And I love that question because there are some really fun things you can do with those extra bedroms.

If you spend time driving back and forth to the gym to stay in shape consider an exercise room; a place you can go and workout and unwind. From my perspective, creating this environment for my clients is both economical and a great return on investment if the home is sold. It’s easy to morph that space back into a bedroom.

How about a dedicated home office? You don’t have to be stuck in the corner of a small bedroom next to the closet and bed. It’s a great use for that old bedroom. With the right furniture you can certainly give it more of a den or study feel.

A dedicated room for your hobbies is also a great reinvention of a bedroom. Set up your rock band, or gaming room. Get your paints out or work on your DYI projects. No more moving your things off the dining room table at the end of the day.

These are just a few ideas I share with my clients when we start that remodel.

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