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When doing a recent remodel, several challenges were faced – working around what’s there and/or incorporating the old with the new. A master bath remodel was presented to me in an original home built in the 1920s. The original bathroom was small, the ceiling flat and low, and the shower was boxed in by an arched opening. I was tasked to come up with a new design that incorporated a vaulted the ceiling to give the space a bigger feel.

In addition, I had to contend with an existing swinging door, a poorly placed heat register and plumbing bib, not to mention old, old plumbing.  The owner wanted a concrete tub to go along with their concrete kitchen countertops.

I tried to find materials that fit with the age of the house, but in the end I added some more contemporary elements that complimented the necessary look and feel.

One fun element I added was a handmade tile vanity from an artist in Santa Cruz.  The artist even came to the house to install it himself.  Another feature was a mirror frame made of recycled wood, from furniture shop leftovers.   And I put in handmade tiles in the tub wall.

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