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This project was taken on behalf of the owner who wanted a new master bath in a 1930s home. This project was fun because older homes tend to be very angular, so I had to get creative on how to modernize the design while working around what was structurally in place as well as fitting with the older aspects of the home.

The Challenge of the Shower:  The owner wanted a steam shower with glass tiles, but where do I put the steam generator? The best place was in the attic so it keeps a warm temperature year round.  Then I decided to put the access close to a broom closet.

The shower tiles were created in 12-inch blocks, rotated and twisted.  Since they were shiny matte tiles, I built lighting to shine down on the tiles to create shadows. The tile manufacturer I use makes very a high quality product and created the angled glass we needed.

Some Unique Features you May not Notice Right Away: The shower seat inside shower (right corner with towels on it) is 18-inches high and angles slightly back.  The steam controller, at bottom of the shower head, is where the steam comes out.  A linear floor drain was put in the shower floor tile.  There is a curbed edge at the shower at door to step over.  On the floor, the stone-like tile has tilt to give traction so there is less chance to fall, and also massages the feet.

In the bathroom area a floating vanity, attached only on the wall and not underneath, gives volume, and the light underneath appears to float the vanity.

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