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Will Carter, Associate Engineer with Silicon Valley-based Murray Engineers, Inc. (MEI) since 2005. This type of engineering uses principles of soil mechanics and rock mechanics to investigate subsurface conditions and materials, among other things. Will’s team performed the initial soil borings, prepared a report with findings and also made geotechnical recommendations. MEI were part of the plan review process, and made periodic site visits during foundation construction.

For the Westgate project, he found that the original house exhibited signs of differential foundation movement – settlements occurring at the rear of the property – which had to be mitigated for the existing renovation. The main geotechnical constraints were the site’s seismic setting, as well as differing soil and foundation support conditions across the site; the basement level cut into rock at the front, then transitioned to weak  soil at the rear right corner, where foundations needed to be excavated down into firmer material.

Will manages the MEI north bay office, which was opened in 2015, as the result of a growing business in San Francisco and Marin County. When his busy schedule allows, he enjoys the outdoors — road cycling, running, hiking, and camping.

New Foundation. Floor Slab Steel & Radiant Heating Being Prepared                  Foundation Being Removed

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