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Trace Kannel was initially hired to do code research for the Westgate project because she is a resident of San Francisco, and has a thorough understanding of their layered planning process and compliancy issues for renovating homes there, especially ones that are historic.

She is also multi-faceted in other ways.  Trace is not only an architect of over 29 years, but also an interior and landscape designer. Trace put together the first schematics for the design team and ultimately these were the core of the current design for the home.  The overall design was based on conversations with the owners, the original layout of the house & property, and the historic elements of the house.

Lower Level Westgate House Schematic

Trace’s interests are in designing new homes, additions, remodels, and “green” design for improved comfort, indoor air quality, energy efficiency, and sustainability.

She also enjoys travel, collecting fine art, landscape design, gardening, and exploring San Francisco’s neighborhoods, parks, cultural institutions and open spaces.


Before Photo of Lower Level

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