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For many San Franciscans, the Twin Peaks Tunnel’s last stop at the West Portal station is just a spot on a map. If you have a chance to hop off the train at Ulloa Street, you’ll find an urban village full of hidden gems. Check out the 1944 street shot –some places don’t change much!



CinéArts at the Empire – This movie theatre is still going strong. The old-timey facade will bring you back to an earlier era, and the smell of popcorn will lure you in even if you weren’t feeling like a movie.



Ambassador Toys – A wonderland for children and emotionally arrested adults alike!  It was named the “Best Toy Store You Wish Had Been Around When You Were a Kid”.




Manor Coffee Shop – You’ll find remnants of the past everywhere you look — from the 1950s lunch counters and booths to the old local photos that adorn the wall. The menu is huge and varied, breakfast to dinner.






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