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WillEnos Photography

Portland, Oregon Area
PO Box 68
Salem, OR 97308
(503) 559-4551

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Education & Degrees Received

New York School of Photography – Major(s): Commercial Photography


Will has over 15 years as a full time freelance professional and 22 years with Eastman Kodak as corporate photographer.

Will’s interest is in Architecture with a strong emphasis on interiors. Also Environmental portraiture in regards to the business world.

In his free time, Will enjoys anything outdoors and anything that he can include photography; cycling, hiking, snowshoeing, and spending time in the “American Southwest”. He especially enjoys spending time with his wife Beth and their 3 Basenji’s.

“Striving to be the best, all the time. My photographs are the melding of a creative mind and technical expertise.. applied to my clients needs.. to provide uncommon quality and results. I do not believe in settling for just satisfying my clients. Making people happy, ensuring that I am easy to get along with and striving to build strong business relationships help keep me connected to my clients and their ever changing business needs.”