Lisa-Wasserman-SivanLisa Wasserman Sivan

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Interior Architect and Designer

Boston, MA

Education & Degrees Received

B.A. in Art History and Archaeology from Columbia University
B.F.A. in Interior Architecture and Design from Harrington College


Lisa believes that the space you live in shapes you. And, the process of design helps clarify and complement your life and personal style. Since 1997, Lisa has been working collaboratively with her clients to design and remodel homes in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Boston. Lisa has also developed opportunities for artists and enthusiasts to bring their creative endeavors to life. Her practice extends to décor and craftwork using ceramics, paper and paint. Lisa is inspired by The big ideas of Professor Richard Kuhns, the “Not So Big” ideas of architect Sarah Susanka, the colors of Chagall and the courage of Gaudi.