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I read with interest the announcement that Elon Musk’s company Solar City is designing solar roofs. This is a big deal. We’re all aware of solar panels on the roof. That’s been going on for quiet awhile now. And frankly, from an aesthetic point of view solar panels are unsightly, a true eyesore. An architect can design a beautiful structure but there’s been no way around the solar panels. This is why Solar City’s announcement is welcome news.

From a functional standpoint it’s also welcome news. An integrated solar roof potentially creates more solar energy. It’s cost-effective to have the entire roof acting as a solar panel.

I am aware that there have been some solar roof technology that’s been out there. But when Musk gets involved the design and function will be there. Just hoping that the roof is beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, we need the energy regardless of the aesthetics. But as an architect function and beauty go hand in hand.

You can read more here.

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