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New solar roofs manufactured by Tesla™ are getting quite the buzz. An idea that was just waiting for the right innovators and engineers to build, that is – solar cells incorporated into roofing material. Forget the eyesores that are in easy view. These roofs look as good or better than contemporary material roofing. I especially like the Tuscan roof. Take a look – Tesla Solar Roofs

Another great feature is the option to go “off-grid”. Tesla incorporates its famous battery technology into the system allowing the homeowner to save and utilize their own generated power.

But you can’t run out and buy one until next year. And there is that pesky issue of price. It appears that  cost will be subsidized with tax credits, but I can’t imagine that it can beat current standard roofing material. That may not be a problem for current Tesla car owners (a Tesla is a pricey set of wheels) but will an average homeowner fork out the money to bask in the sun?

Overall though I think it is a breakthrough material design with the potential to provide energy for the life of your home. And if you produce more energy than you need, you might just call yourself a power utility with the capability to send energy back to the grid.


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