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It’s hard enough for people to keep up with all the ways we use our devices and computers let alone know how to use all the apps, communicate, take selfies and post on a website. But at least we’re all getting more used to using our smart phones. And as an architect one area of apps that I find very useful is smart control apps that let you automate functions in your home. And since you can control the automation from your phone you don’t have to be home or even near your home.

Amazon has devices that can run automatic functions using their Alexa by speaking your commands. Nice. But there are literally dozens of companies that have jumped into the game. Resident on my iPhone is an app simply called Home that will run HomeKit-compatible devices.

The apps need to work with controllers and again there are dozens and dozens of controllers to control the function of lights and switches, outlets and thermostats, windows fans and air conditioning, sensors, cameras and security, locks, garage doors and entry.

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