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In last week’s blog, I talked about my clients’ entrance that did not fit well with their original ranch style home. Here I’m showing another view of the very, very long corridor that finally meets the entrance to the house. I almost get tired just thinking about walking down this long, imposing corridor!

Before we remodeled the front area of the house, you had to walk up 4 steps that were higher than normal, but not deep. This made the climb awkward and unwelcoming. So we redid the space and split the height from the walkway to the front door landing, with 3 steps for each area. The steps were deeper and made it easier for people to ascend them.

Also we enlarged the original brick area so it felt more horizontal and spacious. Without all of the lattice work and pillars, there is much more light and inviting open space. The brick was replaced with redwood and we modified the existing stone area before you walk up the steps to the front door. It’s a very different space now, as you can see from the photos.
















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