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Stairways are an important design factor in homes. They can be one of the strongest transition elements in architecture, connecting different spaces to each other or at different levels.
Our challenge was a cut out at the corner of the deck and a step down to the stairs that created an awkward space. And even though there was a lot of deck space, the space was not very useful, especially near the stairway.

In the original house there was also a lot of railing going down on either side of the stairs, plus all along the deck. The old railing had very strong horizontal and vertical lines that dominated the look and feel for the stairway. The new railings and stairs we designed were made to match with the new deck alignment, which is horizontal. The openness of the railing gives one a great feeling of space now.

The new deck we designed extended toward the stairway, so we had to reduce the width of the stairs. But when you look at the stairs from below going up to the new deck, they actually look wider –it’s architectural magic!











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