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Someday soon you’ll be able to apply wallpaper that changes color. More than a novelty it will allow homeowners to change the actual mood of their home. It is well known that color affects mood. For awhile now we have been able to control the color of LED lights. And without getting super technical, (which I’m not sure I could do anyway), various companies have been developing color-changeable surfaces. One type is called ‘paramagnetic paint’, which changes color when it is receiving electricity. Another is temperature sensitive coating material, ‘thermochromism’ that will change color at different temperatures.

Another company, E-Ink, has been working on color-variable paper called Prism that can change color dynamically. E-Ink technology is already being used in smart tablets and readers like the Kindle. If it works for flat panel displays then it will work for larger paper-thin displays that you can affix to your wall.

I’ll give it a few years before incorporating color-changing surfaces into my architectural design. But someday soon…

A colorful house

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