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Thanksgiving morning to many of us means the Macy’s Day Parade in New York City. It was first held in 1924 and was actually a Christmas Parade to open the Christmas season. Other than a 3-year period during WWII the parade has been a continuous part of a New York Thanksgiving

So my spin on the parade is all those amazing floats and their structural and architectural design. Sure we’re all aware of the Godzilla-sized balloons of Miss Piggy and Spiderman. But many of the floats are huge rolling buildings towed down the streets of New York. And as such their design for strength, appearance and safety takes an understanding of architectural design and materials.

I’ve never designed a float, but I can imagine how I’d go about it.  I would get the understructure designed and the material would be lightweight, but strong.  And then the fun part, would be designing the visual aspects, whether festooned with flowers or a dizzying array of mechanical moving parts. So that’s some of what I think about when I watch the parade, as I will be doing this Thursday.  Happy Thanksgiving!


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