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Remodeling kitchens and bathrooms is an interesting challenge, especially when they are built in a different era.

In this particular home, the owners wanted us to keep the original flooring, as well as the look and feel for other features, like the cabinets. So we inset the new cabinet doors to keep the tone of the original ones. The kitchen counter surfaces were done with honed absolute black granite and honed Carrara stone marble wall tile. And we put in a new, taller window to allow for more light, along with a better view to the outside.

The existing cabinets needed to be replaced, so we had custom cabinets built to meet the owner’s storage needs. The existing cabinets were unusually shallow, only 18 inches deep! We couldn’t even have added a dishwasher to the new layout with these cabinets —and who wants to hand-wash dishes anymore?


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