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The owners wanted a reconfigured space for their kitchen –adding an island, and a dining area to it. This is an unusual combination for a kitchen remodel today.  To accommodate their space needs we combined a previous bedroom and kitchen, plus the addition.
The new kitchen has a nice exterior view, and the sink area is to the right, out of the photo view. We kept the original floor in the kitchen and refinished it, and the island is topped with one natural granite slab.
On the right end of the island, we had a “notch” space built in for the dogs’ food and water bowls, so they were out of the way.  We also added storage space there for their food and doggy toys.  A tall pantry cabinet on the left and right of the cook top comes out further than the other cabinets, to frame the area.  Additionally there is a handy cubby-hole for the microwave and cookbooks.

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