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It’s raining, but that doesn’t mean yard landscaping should return to the normal sea of green grass and thirsty non-native plants. We’ve all experienced the “brown is the new green” and restrictions on frequency for watering, as well as expensive surcharges for increased water use.

But I’m not saying that, only because California is actually a dry place. It’s really because the green lawns of yesterday were only a style of landscape architecture that we imported from the wet areas of the country, notably the East Coast and South. California’s influx of new transplants made their new California yards look like their own yards.

A better and increasingly common style of landscaping incorporates native plants and much smaller grass areas, if at all. This type of landscaping looks so much more California, with its seasonally golden hills and dark green live oak trees. And to boot, we save water. So I embrace the new look, which in effect is really the natural look.


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