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Is adding solar right for your remodel? Solar is definitely gaining momentum for many homeowners. Government subsidies, plus updated manufacturing and technology make today’s solar panels a feasible option. When I’m asked by clients to do a remodel that involves heating and cooling, I often consider solar options. But is it right for your home?

One of the downsides is the initial cost outlay. It can take many years to recoup the installation costs. Companies like SolarCity lease solar systems, so that the initial cost is instead spread over 10 or more years. But paying for the system still remains a big factor.

Another factor in choosing solar is the panels’ useful life. When will they need repair or replacement?

And not to be overlooked is sun exposure, or lack thereof. The region where you live is a big consideration. California coastal fog is persistent in some communities. San Francisco can have fog and overcast conditions for extended periods of time. No sun, means no energy.

Geographically your roof’s exposure to non-weather related sunlight can impact your available solar energy. If you live in the mountains, your home might be in shade for a good portion of the day, cutting down on the effectiveness of a solar system.

Solar can be perfect for your remodel, but the expense and exposure have to be considered. I can help you with those considerations when I start your remodel.

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