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window-272840_1920Is a Casita in your future? Casita is Spanish for small house. It most commonly refers to a self-sufficient area of a home, an add-on or a separate unit on the property. It is sometimes called a mother-in-law quarters. I don’t prefer that term for several reasons, one of which is that it’s not very descriptive. But the concept is the same. For anyone with aging parents, post-college children or frequent guests, a casita can make a lot of sense.

Many communities allow garage conversions, and converting unneeded garage space to a Casita is a perfect use of the space. Often a garage conversion can make use of separate access to allow comings and goings other than the home’s front doorway. But that doesn’t mean it has to be isolated from the house. You can use the existing garage door or expand the opening to make it feel part of the house. Then ad a kitchenette, sleeping and bath areas, and a small sitting room. and you have a functional casita.

And I truly like calling the add-on a Casita. That immediately leads me to a Southwestern or Spanish home design. But it doesn’t have to. You might enjoy seeing what others have done with some extra garage space.

Houzz – Casita Home Design Ideas

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