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If you have a few thousand dollars lying around and you can use a little help in the kitchen, you might consider buying Bocusini; a 3-D food printer that, well, prints food. I read about Bocusini in a recent post online at Architectural Digest.

I think people are becoming more aware of Additive Manufacturing, what we call 3-D printing. A 3-D printer creates 3-dimensional objects by layering a thin coat of material. And now that material can be edible. The Bocusini can print more than 30 different foods, including bubblegum and pâté.

Being an architect, I always see an architectural angle. In this case it’s simply that the presentation of food, plating and the shape, textures and colors of foods themselves, is a design process. So, yes there certainly is food architecture. Food architects? I don’t know of any personally, but hey, why not.

If you decide to spring for a printer, invite me over for dinner. I’ll understand if you tell me you’re going to “print something up”.

3D Printed Happy Turtle Cookies – BOCUSINI Food Printing Video

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