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Smart home technology, also called home automation technology, is exploding. Consumers are now able to automate and remotely control lighting, HVAC, security for their homes, as well as drop the shades, start the dishwasher and get dinner started. Sounds like the Jetsons.

Nest may have started it all. Its learnable thermostat was one of the early successes. Big names like Amazon and Apple, with its HomeKit app, are jumping in.

A recent Houzz home trends survey “revealed that 45% of renovating homeowners are incorporating smart technology, systems or devices into their home that can be monitored or controlled via Smartphone, tablet or computer.”

In planning projects for my clients, this topic comes up more often now. Because many of the controllers are Wifi, there is no need to open all the walls. I like the HVAC function for cutting down on unwarranted energy use and the security function for peace of mind. How smart do you want your house to be?smart_home_control_panel

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