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For building and design, if you think Indonesia, you thing teak. But nowadays a new ceiling, floor and wall tile is being imported from Indonesia into the U.S. that is not made from teak, but from coconuts. Their color patterns, texture and 3-dimensional look make them a beautiful treatment for your remodel.

The coconut tiles are made from coconut shell chips that have, for the most part, simply been discarded in the past as waste, or converted into charcoal. They’re now being recycled for a new life that can really add warmth and beauty to your home. And you’re helping Indonesia create a more eco-friendly, green environment, along with jobs.

The shell tiles come in many designs; basket weave, mosaic, light and dark colors, different size tile pieces, and most interestingly, manufacturers use the inside of the shell for some of their patterns and the outside of the shell for others. This creates a 3-dimensional effect with the tile either made up of a concave or convex surface.

They are perfect in both commercial and residential applications. For a stunning tropical look… they are definitely worth a look!

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