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Despite the worst of the drought being behind us (or was it really one good year of rain?) I think the trend for outdoor water-wise landscaping is here to stay. In my own neighborhood unwatered and brown front yards are being attended to. Lawns are being taken out and low water landscaping is taking the place of lawns.

Overlooked in this transition to water-wise plants is their use in the home. Succulents and cactus (cactus are actually a type of succulent) are perfect for indoor greening. Their amazing shapes, sizes and colors can really complete a remodel project. And they really standout against the traditional big artificial potted plant.

Another great benefit is the ease of care these plants require. They are slow-growing so you don’t end up with a massive plant in your living room. And they can easily skip watering for a 3 week vacation.

Learn more about succulents.


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