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Every now and then I like to collaborate on projects with other designers.  Patsy Zakian-Greenough is one of my favorite interior designers.  She specializes in interior space planning, materials, finishes and color selection — she is awesome. And she asked me to help her with a client that needed their home office redone.

Patsy requested that I assist her with the structural issues around adding windows in an existing wall, and relocating and making another window larger. Prior to her refining her design she needed to know that the windows would meet her design intent. So she asked me to get involved with obtaining the permits for the new windows and meeting structural and earthquake design requirements. In California, both of these conditions require structural analyses for adding hardware that will resist lateral loads on the wall.

The added feature of the new windows, allowed for expanded light exposure and more views, which really made this space so much more appealing (as Patsy says, “What would be appealing for this space is to increase the size of one window and add more windows that allowed a TON more light”.)  And we did!

Thank you Patsy for a project well done.  I would enjoy working in this room!

Before: Corner Window Office


After: Finished Office

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