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It is a challenge to do “rooms down” when there isn’t enough headroom below the main floor. Ideally you want to get high enough ceilings in the basement to create space that is comfortable to live in.  8-foot ceilings are not enough to do this.  9-foot ceilings are much better.

So we needed to stay under a maximum cubic yardage threshold of earth removed from the Westgate house. In order to keep under the maximum cubic feet that we could remove from the property, we made a concession.  We made the ceilings 8’-foot, 4-inches, which was a good compromised to avoid the more stringent requirements, if we removed more earth.


BEFORE: 1143 (Beams are supporting the structure – the footing is being removed)

AFTER:  0007  (Cribbing or cribwork supports an existing structure from underneath)

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