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Custom millwork for your cabinets, panels and molding really show off your home. Historically millwork was any milled wood product used for construction. If you look at antique wood furniture you can see the design and styling that went into its manufacture. Many styles come to us from European furniture and home builders, including Tudor, English Cottage, French and Colonial Revival. Look at the beautiful millwork in this city hall in Hamburg, Germany. Wow.



Today millwork includes many composite and man-made material. However there is still a distinction between stock, mass produced milled wood and custom milled wood. The advantage of using a mass produced product is it economical cost and cookie cutter element. It’s easy to mix and match. Custom milled work pieces can incorporation styling and cuts that you won’t find off the shelf. The esthetic difference can be striking and finish off a great remodel.

I use and can recommend several custom millworks in the San Francisco Bay area. Though custom, prices can be surprisingly affordable.

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