Miracles Can Happen!

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For this Home Office remodel, Patsy, one of my favorite interior design colleagues, also focused on the cabinetry, design and layout.  She knew these clients from other projects she had completed, and they were aware of her expertise in dealing with storage space planning.  One of Patsy’s challenges was to deal with the owners’ computer and paraphernalia wire management problems –… Read more »

Does Your Office Look Like This or That?

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Every now and then I like to collaborate on projects with other designers.  Patsy Zakian-Greenough is one of my favorite interior designers.  She specializes in interior space planning, materials, finishes and color selection — she is awesome. And she asked me to help her with a client that needed their home office redone. Patsy requested that I assist… Read more »

Portola Valley — A Deck Transformed

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Now we go to the back of the Portola Valley home where we remodeled the deck, pergola and stairs. The owners like to eat out on the deck and spend time there, but didn’t do it often because of two issues —too much sun and too many different deck levels. One part of the deck… Read more »

Portola Valley Pergola

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 My clients’ entrance did not fit well with the original ranch style look and feel of their house.  The original owners created a very long corridor for the entrance. The columns were also very tall and out of proportion to the rest of the house.  They looked like a line up of soldiers – not… Read more »

What To Do With Walls

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Walls. We paint them, cover them with wallpaper, hang artwork on them. But besides what color they should be most homeowners don’t think too much about them. Or if they did, they did it when they bought their house. With a home remodel you get a second chance to think about what to do with… Read more »

Don’t Forget Your Indoor Landscaping

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Despite the worst of the drought being behind us (or was it really one good year of rain?) I think the trend for outdoor water-wise landscaping is here to stay. In my own neighborhood unwatered and brown front yards are being attended to. Lawns are being taken out and low water landscaping is taking the… Read more »

The Life of a Stairway

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I can imagine you didn’t have any idea that stairs could be so complex.  Well these were.  We had a lot of elements to consider and really had to put on our thinking caps to make it all work together. Here we go, from bottom to top!   Walk up the first set of stairs… Read more »