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Rain, rain and more rain. After years of drought, who doesn’t love all this rain? And for the most part, if you want to collect some in a rain barrel or cistern to use later for your landscaping, there are many systems on the market now that you can use. Not long ago, though, it… Read more »

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That headline caught my attention. It’s a bit unfathomable that ants can communicate, go to war, migrate and feed their queen. But I’ve never seen them as tiny architects either. So now I learn that they create the underground chambers and interconnected suites using their bodies and pheromones as blueprints. No thought at all. But… Read more »

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I read with interest the announcement that Elon Musk’s company Solar City is designing solar roofs. This is a big deal. We’re all aware of solar panels on the roof. That’s been going on for quiet awhile now. And frankly, from an aesthetic point of view solar panels are unsightly, a true eyesore. An architect can… Read more »

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This is a recent master bath remodel of an older home in downtown San Jose. The original bathroom had two access doors on each side of the bathroom, with the toilet behind one of the doors. Originally the bathroom was most likely a hall between two bedrooms. We kept the original doors and hardware, which… Read more »

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When doing a recent remodel, several challenges were faced – working around what’s there and/or incorporating the old with the new. A master bath remodel was presented to me in an original home built in the 1920s. The original bathroom was small, the ceiling flat and low, and the shower was boxed in by an… Read more »

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  Thanksgiving morning to many of us means the Macy’s Day Parade in New York City. It was first held in 1924 and was actually a Christmas Parade to open the Christmas season. Other than a 3-year period during WWII the parade has been a continuous part of a New York Thanksgiving So my spin… Read more »

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For building and design, if you think Indonesia, you thing teak. But nowadays a new ceiling, floor and wall tile is being imported from Indonesia into the U.S. that is not made from teak, but from coconuts. Their color patterns, texture and 3-dimensional look make them a beautiful treatment for your remodel. The coconut tiles… Read more »

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I’m sure we’re all familiar with Legos as children, and with our own children and grandchildren. Legos, a Danish company, has made their iconic plastic building blocks since 1949. Have you ever been to Legoland?Legoland California is their theme park and aquarium located in Carlsbad, California. There you can see a miniature downtown Manhattan, San… Read more »

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The Presidential election is just around the corner. One of the candidates will soon be taking up residence in the White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington D.C. It’s timely then to take a closer look at this well known building. The White House was originally designed by Irish-born James Hoban, who won an architectural competition to… Read more »