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The Westgate house was originally built in 1926, in the vicinity of Monterey and Westwood Heights.  Nine years prior to this, the Twin Peaks Tunnel was built and created a very important connection between east and west San Francisco.  The service through the tunnel evolved from streetcars in the beginning, and then into light rail.  It definitely made getting… Read more »

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There are some considerations in using smart control technology. Some of the items you can control are not that important to control. Do you really have to remotely feed your Koi pond? Do you really need to have 24/7 security cameras to check out your attic? And with the internet of things there are always… Read more »

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The lower garage level space in the house was adequate for the time it was built in 1926.  This space was used as a utility room, and for the furnace, water heater, and garage.   We think it may have been legal when originally built. But the existing stairs that connected to the upper main floor… Read more »