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We faced another challenge at the top of the stairs — the width of room and the walls in common.  The wall on right was in common with the current office/bedroom, and the wall on the left was in common with the current kitchen.

Neither of these walls could be moved without jeopardizing the space of those two rooms.  And the width between these walls was not adequate for a U-shaped stairway.  If you’ve seen the previous photos you know that only a U-shaped stairway could be used to get between the two floors.

Our Solution —

The two common walls one on the left and the one on the right of the existing stairway continued to the concrete floor below and are structural supporting walls for the floor system and roof system. During exploratory demolition we discovered an existing support beam (concealed within the floor structure) under the kitchen wall. We were able to relocate the wall below the kitchen wall. This gave us the opportunity to widen the stairs at the lower level giving us ample room for the U-shaped stairwell.

Check out the the after photo of the U-shaped stairwell and the before photo of the wall space challenge.


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