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I was doing a walkthrough with a contractor recently and he was pointing out the duct work. So much has changed for new homes, renovations and remodels, relating not only to the HVAC system, but also to air filtration and air pressure balance.

Ventilation has always been important. But because today’s homes are much more airtight than older homes, without adequate ventilation room air becomes stale, CO2 heavy, and plain unhealthy. Getting fresh air in the house also means clean fresh air, without pollutants and dust.

Fresh Air

Another element that should be considered in this area is whether to add back or take out moisture. You know how heavy and sticky you feel in high humidity climates. And the reverse is true in dry climates. Low humidity affects your skin, hair and eyes. California has a lot of microclimates, and depending on location, an HVAC and ventilation system may incorporate a humidifier or dehumidifier. It’s all part of home building and remodel architectural considerations.

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