Concrete Is Back

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I’ve spoken before about the myriad of new materials and surfaces making their way into our homes. But that doesn’t mean that old-school materials are out. In fact good old low-tech concrete is making a comeback. I’ve read that 10% or more of new homes incorporate concrete into the structure. And with a few tech… Read more »


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It makes sense that architects incorporate audio, sound and noise control into their architectural designs. But the flip side is just as important a consideration. Have you ever eaten in a restaurant that sounds lively, and popular? It may be because it is just that; lively and popular. But a part of having that sound… Read more »

Miracles Can Happen!

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For this Home Office remodel, Patsy, one of my favorite interior design colleagues, also focused on the cabinetry, design and layout.  She knew these clients from other projects she had completed, and they were aware of her expertise in dealing with storage space planning.  One of Patsy’s challenges was to deal with the owners’ computer and paraphernalia wire management problems –… Read more »

Does Your Office Look Like This or That?

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Every now and then I like to collaborate on projects with other designers.  Patsy Zakian-Greenough is one of my favorite interior designers.  She specializes in interior space planning, materials, finishes and color selection — she is awesome. And she asked me to help her with a client that needed their home office redone. Patsy requested that I assist… Read more »